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Arkhanoth - Dark Prehispania

Arkhanoth, of Mexico.

I'm proud of the greatness of this people that is in my blood, his pride, history, mysticism, its culture.

Therefore, there is no better way for me to start this ritual, with the glory that once was the Mexica, its gods, its empire, its imposing Tenochtitlan.

Taking their rites and dances to create a universe similar to Aztec ever existed.

I must say that my intention never has been to be a purist.

My main goal is to revive again the greatness of these stories through sound elements (bleak, symphonic / environmental) and invite you to recreate and through music in this world, and teach their moments of glory and battle, darkness and rite.

All through a dark cloud through which you traveled, and through it and you'll hear that world, being charmed by the songs and atmosphere of that era.
-From the project website

This is how Lord Arkhanoth, brain behind this one man band, define the background of your project, then a truly excellent and full of wit, and a deep pride in the roots of our land.
With clear influences of teacher Jorge Reyes, but more aimed at the Dark Ambient, with some elements borrowed from Black and Ethnic Metal, ritualistic rhythms, voices resembling cavernous and the murmur of the winds, in addition to an abundance of pre-Hispanic instruments and the emergence sudden soprano adding a dark and at times mournful, is part of what we find in 'Dark prehispanic' production launched in 2007 and since 2008 can be found in many stores in the country recognized.
Curiously it is the only record that the project has to its credit, the different subjects treated previously released as is the case of 'Forbidden Chronicles' album which tells a story in which the Church in union with Hell, conspire to overthrow the Templars, and then continue with themes aimed at addressing the most epic / amazing and a tribute to the work of J. R. R. Tolkien, reaching the pre-Hispanic themes.
A project that deserves to be made known to all, check it out.
 - Translated (badly) from the Dark Ritual blog

In my opinion, Arkhanoth is actually one of the better prehispanic Metal acts I have heard. Though not strictly BM, indeed having elements of symphonic metal, the blending of all the different both metal and folk/traditional elements is woven eloquently.

A must for prehispanic Metal fans.

Arkhanoth is a one-man Black Ambient / Ritual project from Mexican artist Lord Arkhanoth, with deep pride in his Mexican roots. "Dark Prehispania" is a work based on the Aztec Mythos, unleashing their Magic. Dark Ambient with several elements of Black Metal, Symphonic, Ethno-Ambient, Ritual Rhythms, cavernous voices and the rustle of the wind. In addition to this an abundance of pre-Hispanic instruments are used, making the music somewhat obscure and at times funerary.
- Quote here.

Album Name: Dark Prehispania
Band: Arkhanoth
Genre: Ambient/Black Metal
Year: 2007
Track Listing:

1.In Youalteteo (Gods of the Night)04.19
2.Naguall (The Sorcerer) 05.51
3.In Xipetlanonotza (Invocation of the Disincarnate God Xipe)04.15
4.Xipetla'toltencuecuepa (In Tlacaxipeue Xipeteopixtla'toltencuecuepa) [Dialogue with Xipe]03.23
5.Xipe Totec Tlamaniliztli (An Offering to Xipe)04.08
6.Tzacualcuitlatecomiu' (Mictlan Otitech) [The Bowels of the Pyramid]06.58
7.In Teoyayao (In Xochyayao) [Sacred Battles]10.22
8.Naualmi'totia (The Sorcery Dance) 03.21

Total playing time42:37

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