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Prehispanic Black Metal (+ Compilations)

Translated from the Prehispanic Metal | Folk Metal Latinoamericano group from last.fm:

It's a genre inspired by the vast cultural wealth
Whose desire is to rescue Latin America throughlyrical, most of the time, are engagedancestors and the use of instruments of eachcountry, hopeful that American societylisten to this music and integrates a bit more toancient cultures of America. Also leada metal identity in Latin America.

Prehispanic Black Metal is a relatively unknown genre, but is slowing gaining recognition.

Looking at the name etymologically, it is derived of music inspired by indigenous culture predating the colonisation of the Spanish. This is then obviously strongly linked to music from Latin America (if not exclusive to, at least at this point), including countries colonised by other imperialist powers (such as Brazil with the Portuguese). This music takes inspiration and pride in both their culture (stories, traditions, etc) and music (indigenous instruments, singing/chanting etc). Not to mention their connection to the Earth. And this manifests itself as the sounds of animals and nature - or it's destruction.

This is evidently related to Folk music, though very much with it's own character - without getting into the many complex particularities, their specific relationship to colonisation and continued oppression marks a very distinctive difference here.

And because of this, I think it is difficult to categorise certain bands that imitate this music, yet do not share this history, this culture, this ancestry. For example, there is one such Russian band. I have not much listened to that band, but a Russian band imitating all this strikes me as strange, if not problematic, to say the least.

And of course, add all this to Black Metal. Though some bands may simply be different variations of Metal, the strongest tendency is variations of Black Metal.

And here are some compilations related to thus:

Metal Nativo Latinoamericano

01 - Aztra - Alturas (Ecuador)
02 - Ek – Hijos del sol (México)
03 - Guahahihoque – Along a Path (Colombia)
04 - Ch'aska – Imperio Caído (Perú)
05 - Yaotl Mictlán – Resistencia Itzae (México)
06 - Yanaconas – Tupac Amaru (Argentina)
07 - Folkheim – 1781 (Chile)
08 - Wangelen – Bajo Hualles y Canelos (Chile)
09 - Kukulcán – Señor de la guerra Huitzilopochtli (México)
10 - Kranium – Reencarnación (Perú)
11 - Paghania – Santuario del Puma (Chile)
12 - Chaquen – Donde los ángeles caminan (Colombia)
13 - Balam Akab – La última batalla (México)
14 - Yana Raymi – Magia Oscura (Perú)
15 - Mictlán – Ce Miquiztli (México)
16 - Diadema Tristis – Myth from the Ruins (Argentina)

Metal Nativo Latinoamericano II

01 - Datura - Datura (Colombia)
02 - Muluc Pax - Akbal Lugar de Oscuridad (México)
03 - Toccata Magna - Incognite Soul (Brasil)
04 - Arraigo - Zamba para los Huérfanos (Argentina)
05 - Ai apaec Peru Salvaje- Marcha Inca (Perú)
06 - Anerhoth - Hordejaylli (Colombia)
07 - Tierramystica - Spiritual Song (Brasil)
08 - Auka Runa - Indian Land Brave (Chile)
09 - Khondor - Andean Metal Prevails (Colombia)
10 - Xipe Totec - Eztliquiahutl (México)
11 - Corubo - Nhanderu Hasy Katu (Brasil)
12 - Son Iok - Mexicca (México)
13 - Vento Negro - Centrodonte Triunfo Austral (Brasil)
14 - Hun Camé - Teponaztli (México)

More prehispanic BM to come!

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