Saturday, December 18, 2010

Panopticon/When Bitter Spring Sleeps - Split (2010)

And yet another release from Panopticon.

This time it's a split with When Bitter Spring Sleeps (more on them later).

Panopticon definitely never ceases to push boundaries and experiment within and outside the confines of BM.

WBSS also represent well on this release, and infact, their use of outdoor recording works alot better here than I remember so on their previous release, though it's been quite a while since I heard that.

Check it out.

Album Name: Panopticon/When Bitter Spring Sleeps - Split
Band: Panopticon/When Bitter Spring Sleeps
Genre: Atmospheric Black Metal/Black Metal, Ambient
Year: 2010
Track Listing:

1.Living in the Valley of the Shadow of Death11:32
2.Living Eulogy07:33
3.Make An Idol of Our Fear and Call It God06:30
When Bitter Spring Sleeps
4.Flames That Taste the Rain09:36
5.We Cower in the Storms of Her Retribution11:14
6.All Things Rise05:57
Total playing time52:22


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