Sunday, August 7, 2011

Vaiya - :W i n t e r m o o n: (2011)

Another release from my mate behind the project Vaiya.

W i n t e r m o o n: was recorded leading up to and, as a celebration of, the Winter Solstice here in the Southern Hemisphere.

It is an ode to the life winter brings us. It feeds our scorched earth and dry bodies. It brings forth a time of flourishing abundance to our lands.

This song is an offering to the spirit of winter. The moon, the cold, the rain, the long nights and loving warmth.

A limited edition of 30 CDr's are available, packaged in high quality, hand numbered paper envelopes with insert and a photo print from a recent trip into the Alpine region of Victoria.

:V a i y a M M X I:
- quote here

Vaiya is a favourite project of mine, an amazing Southern Hemisphere interpretation of Cascadian sensibilities. The melodic acoustic parts in this release (building up to the heavier parts), much like the previous (Merkstave), remind me of what I like about Fauna, and brings me to a place away from the depravity, the destruction, away from the soulless void that is the metropolis. It's an invitation to be connected to something... real.

A definite reccommendation for any fan of Cascadian-sytle BM.

Purchase here (also for free download)

Album Name: :W i n t e r m o o n:
Band: Vaiya
Genre: Ambient Black Metal
Year: 2011
Country: Australia
Track Listing:
1.:W i n t e r m o o n:

Total playing time18:45

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