Monday, September 12, 2011

Blut Aus Nord - 777 Sect(s) (2011)

And a new one from Blut Aus Nord.

After some variation and experimentation with their music in their previous years, such as it's relation to BM and other musical elements, this release is somewhat a return to their BM roots. More specifically, this album has been compared to being akin to The Work Which Transforms God. In my opinion, that was the album that made it for me. They have other notable albums, with their own character, but none, until recently, had been able to match the immensity of the darkness within.

777 Sect(s) is all that, and yet more. To me, there is more consistency in the musical expression, where The Work Which Transforms God may lose my attention, 777 Sect(s) has found the missing link to sustain the vortex that is the reality that such BM would bind me.

If you don't understand my convoluted jibber-jabber, then maybe you should check it out yourself, and hear what a masterpiece truly is.

Also one of my albums of the year.

Album Name: 777 Sect(s)
Band: Blut Aus Nord
Genre: Black Metal
Year: 2011
Track Listing:

1.Epitome I07:57
2.Epitome II 06:51
3.Epitome III 04:52
4.Epitome IV 11:52
5.Epitome V 06:23
6.Epitome VI 07:31
Total playing time45:26


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