Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Silence Of The Old Man - Carencia De Ausencia EP (2010)

And a side project from the guitarist of Auka Runa (Chile).


The beginning of Silence of the Old Man goes back to a side project aukko, composer, producer and guitarist for bands like Rune aukko (Folk metal experimental) and IN / SANE (Metal insane).
This side project was born in the year 2007 with the first models, and bore the name Silence of Lament, then the models were inclined to Black Doom, more environmentally sustainable.
For the time and Rune aukko projects, is hampered further by creating this project, so that by the year 2009, aukko decides to take the models and restructure with a new sound that was something special, so it was decided create the project with the name Silence of the Old Man, it was locked, and not wanted to reveal what was working, by 2010 it began recording the EP, Lack of Absence, and gives birth to this Post Black Metal Shoegaze and transforming the genre into something aesthetically acceptable, and similarly trying to leave South America in the sights of foreign labels for bands and projects to be heard in Europe, Asia, and North America.
- Quote ("Biografia" - rough translation from Spanish).

Though Auka Runa themselves are yet to have any official release, their guitarist has managed to put together his first release, an EP, for his promising solo project, Silence Of The Old Man. And for a solo project, the quality of this release is impressive.

Musically, this is reminiscent of post-BM stuff, and maybe you can thrown in that shoegraze word in there too. Definitely comparable to the more cleaner and well-produced Cascadian (style) BM. For those into that type of BM, it really is pretty impressive. It's amongst the first of this kind of BM I've seen from that part of the world, and I welcome it wholeheartedly. Auscencia is a real stand out song, but it's a fairly solid EP all round.

Great EP, and I'd recommend keeping an eye out for the full length Lack of Absence in future.

Album Name: Carencia De Ausencia EP
Band: Silence Of The Old Man
Genre: Post-Black Metal/Shoegaze
Year: 2010
Country: Chile
Track Listing:
2.Cicatriz De Olvido08:21
3.El Silencio De Los Lamentos07:00
5.Tiempo De Miseria08:08
Total playing time38:56

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