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Tad Piecka - Discography

And here's the person behind the amazing Petrychor project.

Fingerstyle guitar inspired equally by folk traditions and modern orchestral composers, following in the footsteps of traveling solo musicians.

Other projects he is involved in include
Tremolite, Beware of Safety and Petrychor.
- Quote ("Tad Piecka")

So as I said, Tad Piecka is the person behind Petrychor. I found out a little while ago, and have been checking out his solo stuff, some such as I present here. However, it's confirmed as being him behind Petrychor now that he has created a Petrychor section at his official website.

Tad Piecka's solo acoustic music is in one word, majestic. It's completely instrumental, very melodic, soothing, and quite diverse. He uses a few different instruments here, blends folk styles (American and Irish according to him), and his fingerstyle and finger picking is a real stand out here.

It's truly beautiful.

It's funny, even before Tad Piecka put up info about Petrychor on his website, upon discovering him as the protagonist of Petrychor, when I heard his solo acoustic stuff, I could hear and feel the parallels in the music instantly. His style really is unique, and if listening the acoustic elements of Petrychor is something you would be into, definitely check this out.

And remember he has some other interesting musical projects too.

Official website
Tad Piecka @ bandcamp (Download for free here, or pay what you want)

Fingerstyle guitar and harp guitar pieces composed in Boston and various towns in Ireland, inspired by many different styles of folk music. Everything is live without overdubs.

This album was used as the source material for my electronic EP, Castles Rebuilt.
- Quote ("On Cunning and Castle Building")

Album Name: On Cunning and Castle Building
Band: Tad Piecka
Genre: Folk
Year: 2008
Country: USA
Track Listing:
1.Little Boom02:24
2.Oso Delicioso04:17
3.A Thin Layer of butterscotch03:36
5.Slow Beacon Calling05:37
7.Bring Up01:28
8.Quixotic Conundrum02:29
10.The Trees are Like Sentries04:07

Total playing time40:35
Unlike On Cunning and Castle Building, this EP was put together with a singular theme in mind. Inspired mainly by traveling music, all of the tracks are fingerpicked, save for Kittyhawk which is mostly tapped. As always, everything is recorded live without overdubs. 
 - Quote ("A Feather to the Cheek is Comfort to the Vine")
Album Name: A Feather to the Cheek is Comfort to the Vine
Band: Tad Piecka
Genre: Folk
Year: 2008
Country: USA
Track Listing:
2.The Gift of Elocution (Part I)05:23
3.A Feather to the Cheek is Comfort to the Vine03:35
5.The Gift of Elocution (Part II)06:17
Total playing time26:35

More American and Irish folk played with modernist techniques, a touch of Philip Glass, and my oldest fingerstyle song finally rerecorded (Porblem No. 17).
 - Quote ("Stars Are Stars and Yours Are Yours")

Album Name: Stars Are Stars and Yours Are Yours
Band: Tad Piecka
Genre: Folk
Year: 2009
Country: USA
Track Listing:

1.Stars Are Stars and Yours Are Yours04:50
2.A Feather to the Cheek Is Comfort to the Vine03:13
3.Porblem No. 1704:26
4.Nary a Nastier Dish06:42
5.Farishta's Folk I04:41
6.Farishta's Folk II04:19
7.We Call Each One by Name02:33
Total playing time30:44


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