Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Marnost - Pukajici svet (2011)

More European stuff, Marnost of the Czech Republic.


[edit] Noun

marnost f.
  1. vanity, futility
- Quote ("marnost")

Along with Altar of Plagues, Marnost comes along as a distinctively Cascadian-style BM that resides both outside of Cascadia, but outside of the continent of North America. Though I can see Eastern Europe as being a hotbed for eco-BM such as this, I honestly thought England or Scandinavia (with their tendency towards radical ecologism) having the stronger fervor for thus. I can never pick these things.

And wow, Marnost really have hit the spot. Though I don't find the vocals as quite perfect, the balanced, structured facets of melody, both electric and acoustic, the intros/build ups, the ambience, and of course the climactic metal riffs. It all makes for a solid release, be it one song, but to their credit, such consistency and high quality of a final product is quite admirable for a debut release.

Their politics are clearly visible on their bandcamp page for those interested.

Apparently they also play in the bands Gattaca and used to play in Dakhma and !ul..

And another must of the Cascadian-style BM fans (and additionally, vegan BM fans).

Marnost @ bandcamp

Album Name: Pukajici svet
Band: Marnost
Genre: Atmospheric Black Metal
Year: 2011
Country: Czech Republic
Track Listing:
1.Pukajici svet14:49
Total playing time14:49

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