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Nechochwen - Algonkian Mythos (2008) & Azimuths to the Otherworld (2010)

And some Native American stuff from the US.

The name Nechochwen literally means “walks alone” in the Lenni Lenape (Delaware) language.  It was a name given to me about 16 years ago by a friend.  It’s not necessarily an “alter ego” or stage name, just another name I am known by.  I started recording music under the name Nechochwen to connect with other musicians and people with an interest in early American history and American pre-history.  I am using the sounds available to me to create musical textures and scenes representative of western Appalachia and the Ohio River Valley in years past.
When Angelrust folded... ... I decided to concentrate on this music for a while and explore the Indian side of my ancestry a bit more.

- Quote here.

Nechochwen are a project of Aaron Carey (also of Angelrust and Harvist) expressing the Native American Indian side of his ancestry. Again, this stuff is heavy on the folk elements, which by no means demeans it, but infact emphasizes the pagan/folk/cultural/indig elements trying to be expressed in this music. To a lesser degree, there are doom/black metal parts to give it that extra kick, that raw angry emotion, just in case you thought the history of indigenous people in the US (and elsewhere) was all flowery.

Pretty cool stuff, especially if you're all about the folk.

Personally, I'd love a bit more metal in it for me. But it's still really amazingly beautiful. Soothing and calm.

By the way, Andrew Della Cagna is a guest on some of the music here.

Peter: The new album Algonkian Mythos tells stories of your Native ancestors.  What do you hope the listener will get from listening to the album?
Nechochwen: The album’s subject matter is the Northeastern United States in the second half of the eighteenth century into the early nineteenth century.  Not all of the topics or characters are Algonquian in origin, some are Iroquoian.  All these people interacted and either directly or indirectly affected each others’ way of life and belief systems.  I want the listener to learn something and get transported to that dark era.  For those who are already familiar with this subject, this music is for you.  These are compositions to keep history alive.  Try to picture the sights and smells that go along with the music.
- Quote here.

Album Name: Algonkian Mythos
Band: Nechochwen
Genre: Folk/Black Metal
Year: 2008
Country: USA
Track Listing:

1.A Blistering Fusilade 00:53
2.Fallen Timbers04:45
3.Algonkian Mythos05:28
4.Coffin of the Flesh02:45
7.Cut-ta-ho-tha 03:53
9.Nilu-Famu 07:19
10.West Across the Missi-theepi03:48
Total playing time34:56

Album Name: Azimuths to the Otherworld
Band: Nechochwen
Genre: Folk/Black Metal
Year: 2010
Country: USA
Track Listing:

1.Allumhammochwen: The Crossing07:52
2.At Night I May Roam04:01
3.Gissis Mikana04:18
4.Red Ocher06:04
5.The Eyes of the Mesingw01:45
6.Charnel House04:38
7.Graves of Grandeur03:22
9.Noameatha, You Are the Ghost in the Water02:30
10.The Forgotten Death Ritual01:41
11.Hunting Among the Stars03:43
12.Four Effigies08:52
13.Azimuths to the Otherworld05:30
14.Graves of Grandeur (Reprise)03:23
Total playing time59:36

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