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When Bitter Springs Sleeps - When Bitter Springs Sleeps (2008)

And now a little bit more on When Bitter Spring Sleeps.

Black Metal Rituals inspired by, performed and recorded in a nature preserve environment blending true night sounds and black metal - Nature sounds in the live tracks are NOT samples mixed with the music - but the actual surrounding atmosphere while the music was being performed and the forest. When Bitter Spring Sleeps is an ultimate atmospheric black metal experiment to commune with nature in a truly pagan and ritualistic manner. Organic analog beauty drawing main influences from Nature, Ritual, Paysage D’Hiver, Njiqahdda, Darkspace.
- Quote

WBBS are from Iowa (USA), comprised of the members Lord Sardonyx and Syntax A, both also of the band Satan's Almighty Penis.

And we briefly looked at WBSS with their recent split release with Panopticon. Quite a solid release, most notably I appreciated the WBSS side, given it's improvement in production and all-round better composition of music.

Their previous release, a self-titled demo, I share with you now. However, this original release of their's never really grabbed my attention. Though quite interesting and unique in that the album was recorded in a nature reserve (as opposed to the nature sounds being electronically incorporated), it just really didn't work for me. Poor quality production. The mixture of natural sounds and instruments didn't fit to me. Perhaps the natural sounds were somewhat overbearing. A bit too lo-fi generally, though some might dig that. But I certainly didn't forget them for such a memorable concept.

Obviously, really not my thing, but I do very much reccommend to check out the split with Panopticon.

WBSS @ myspace

Album Name: When Bitter Springs Sleeps
Band: When Bitter Springs Sleeps
Genre: Black Metal/Ambient
Year: 2008
Country: USA
Track Listing:

1.What The Rain Knows08:43
2.Tears For The Sounds Of Darkness14:28
3.Beneath Mother Moon07:22
Total playing time30:34


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