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Ch'aska - Promo 2003 & 2007, Pururauca

So now let's take break from the USA (Imperialism, ain't that a B).

So Ch'aska are a Peruvian Metal band, related to Folk Metal and the prehispanic (Black) Metal genre. This of course relates to one, the use of "folk" instruments, and for the latter genre, references to indigenous peoples and culture (and unavoidably, colonisation) of Peru.

“Ch’aska” is a Quechua word that was used by the INCAS to mention the most shining star in the skies. This word is especially familiar with the planet VENUS.
*Quechua: Ancestral language of the Incas still spoken in the Andean regions of Peru and other countries of South America.
- Quote Metal-Archives ("Ch'aska")

Usually, as far as music goes, this isn't usually my cup of tea. There's certainly a mix of genres with this band, especially with the full-length. And of course it's the traditional instruments that give them their particular character. I especially enjoy the use of the flute/woodwind, just like with the band Guahaihoque.

Honestly, this is probably one of the more poppy Metal bands I listen to, but listening to such bands definitely have opened me up more to different sounds in Metal, like clean vocals, and certain types of melodic riffs.

This might be a bit strange for some people, but I enjoy it, and I recommend for anyone who likes Folk (or prehispanic) Metal, or either non-Western metal and Metal related to indigenous culture/peoples/struggles.

Ch'aska Myspace Page

Album Name: Promo cd 2003
Band: Ch'aska
Genre: Folk Metal
Year: 2003
Country: Perú
Track Listing:

1.Sweet lover05:40
2.Imperio caído05:36
Total playing time11:16


Album Name: Promo 2007
Band: Ch'aska
Genre: Folk Metal
Year: 2007
Country: Perú
Track Listing:

1.Bicolour Cannibalism04:29
Total playing time09:28

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Album Name: Pururauca
Band: Ch'aska
Genre: Folk Metal
Year: 2009
Country: Perú
Track Listing:

1.Bicolour Cannibalism04:12
2.A Flower Brought Me Down08:24
4.Nymph of the Lake06:42
7.Tuta Ch'aska04:58
8.Silent Notes of Agony05:43
Total playing time01:06:33


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