Monday, October 18, 2010

Fell Voices - 2010 Tour CD-R

So here is the Fell Voices 2010 Tour CD-R from their US tour with Ash Borer (their tour CD-R posted after this). I waited until I had a proper listen to both these releases before posting them. Indeed, this is just a demo for their upcoming releases (well, at least that is apparently the case for Fell Voices). And for me, that is a relief. I can't say I though that much of either of them, especially after listening to the amazing split they produced before this. Hopefully the upcoming releases will build up on this, but on their own, I don't see this much more than a rough update on the current progress of both bands.

Artist: 2010 Tour CD-R
Album: Fell Voices
Genre: Drone/Ambient Black Metal
Year: 2010
Origin: USA
Track Listing:

Total playing time41:11


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