Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Yaotl Mictlan - Guerreros De La Tierra De Los Muertos & Dentro del Manto Gris de Chaac

Yaotl Mictlan (meaning “warriors from the land of the dead” in the Mexican language Nahuatl) is is one of the most famous prehispanic BM bands, and most certainly is the most acclaimed.

From the Boston Phoenix:
... with an aesthetic that merges brutal death metal, Mayan imagery, and an over-the-top stage show, they have concocted an angry brew of metallic cultural warfare. In a conservative place like Salt Lake City it makes the band’s heads-on-sticks live savagery all the more righteous and dangerous.
And from their record label (Candlelight Records) website:

They’re lyrics talk about their belief that after christians colonized Mexico their people lost their identity and succumbed to a colonized way of life. Their lyrics are inspired by the unfortunate way in which at the present time their people live in extreme self hatred. Ultimately they would like to see the end of the colonized way of thinking and for their people to embrace their roots.

Quite honestly, I agree. I think Yaotl Mictlan is undoubtedly one of the best prehispanic BM bands around. Though one review of their releases I had read does make a good point that perhaps they do not use the element of their Indigenous sound as much as they could/should, which is of course their drawcard and strength, they are one not to miss.

I quite enjoyed their first full length, but as it turns out, I actually enjoy more their latest full length. The last two songs especially I find amazing. And the last song in particular. It's about nature, or there lack of.

Solid politics, sold music.

Yaotl Mictlan Myspace Page

Album Name: Guerreros De La Tierra De Los Muertos
Band: Yaotl Mictlan
Genre: Black Metal
Year: 2006
Country: (now USA)
Track Listing:

1.Espejo Que Humea02:43
2.El Gran Sacrificio De Quetzalcoalt05:23
4.A Batalla Vamos05:55
6.Resistencia Itzae05:54
7.Sexto Sol Aún Naciendo08:58
8.Sangre De Vida03:07
9.Guerra Indígena04:58
10.Fuego Rebelde05:26
11.Anenécuilco: Semillas De Rebelion03:51
12.Nuevo Sol De Teotihuacan10:10
13.Caída Del Aguíla05:30
Total playing time01:10:31


Album Name: Dentro del Manto Gris de Chaac
Band: Yaotl Mictlan
Genre: Black Metal
Year: 2010
Country: (now USA)
Track Listing:

1.Dentro del Manto Gris de Chaac07:21
2.Garra de Jaguar (Ocho Venado)06:16
3.Cihuacoatl (La Llorona)06:20
4.Hun Hunapu04:55
5.Gemelos Heroes04:32
6.Noche Triunfadora06:08
7.Huelitiyotl Mexica07:33
8.Nada Verde Creece Aqui06:21
Total playing time49:26


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