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Corubo (+ Tremor) - Discography

And now I begin the posts relating to prehispanic BM (or similar), and in this specific case they refer to themselves as Indigenous BM. I'm of course referring to the band Corubo from Brazil. To give credit where credit is due, I discovered this band from a thread at the RABM forum.

Corubo have been around since 1999, well before the Cascadian BM scene came into being. Brazil, and Latin America in general have a very prominent (black) metal scene, and mix this with the strong current of radical environmentalism I have heard about in Brazil (but not limited to), perhaps it is no surprise to see a band like this. Even some Norwegian BM bands recognise Brazil being a pioneer of BM. Check out the wikipedia article on Sacrofago for specific details. Corubo's lyrics are in multiple languages, such as some indigenous languages of their region. Infact, their name is a reference to a term used for one of the tribes in the Amazon not exposed to civilisation. The political content of their music is obvious, anti-colonial, ecological, anarchistic.

Musically, there is difintely quite a variation amongst their different releases. I'm much more a fan of their earlier stuff, such as their demo and the Mordaz EP. I guess I feel their earlier stuff has more variation, less a wall of ambience. I think maybe the earlier stuff also incorporates elemental sounds better. Like the lightning on Mordaz, and though not elemental, the felling of trees on the demo. And of course I just generally have a soft spot for music, like BM, that is not from Europe or North America.

They also have a split with the Colombian band Tremor, who have similar beliefs, but a very different type of BM. I still like it though. I'm generally more an ambient/atmospheric BM guy though.

Check it out. All this stuff is availible for download from their myspace anyway.

Corubo Myspace Page
Tremor Myspace Page

Album Name: Jahe 'Opapá (Demo)
Band: Corubo
Genre: Black Metal/Ambient
Year: 2006
Country: Brazil
Track Listing:

3.Árvores Mortas07:23
4.Finishing the so Perfect Race05:16
5.King of Stellar War (Rotting Christ cover)06:01
Total playing time24:38

DOWNLOAD (courtesy of hellhorde blog)

Album Name: Mordaz
Band: Corubo
Genre: Black Metal/Ambient
Year: 2007
Country: Brazil
Track Listing:

1.Cântico Mordaz03:36
3.Nhanderu Hasy Katú04:12
5.Ma Ieiye Nã05:04
7.Aturu Ypy09:02
8.Ñaiménte Ipýpe02:54
Total playing time40:59


Album Name: Ypykuera
Band: Corubo
Genre: Black Metal/Ambient
Year: 2008
Country: Brazil
Track Listing:

1.Princípio de Sabedoria07:03
3.25/09/07 - Meu Irmão04:42
4.Venha e escute na direção do espírito guarani06:19
5.A ilusão da personalidade - o lobo e suas almas05:34
7.He'la Yucatec03:41
Total playing time37:02


Album Name: The End of Sorrow / Guarani Oporonhenói Gueteri
Band: Tremor/Corubo
Genre: Black, Death Metal/Black Metal, Ambient
Year: 2009
Country: Colombia/Brazil
Track Listing:

3.The Hunting03:14
6.Guarani Oporonhenói Gueteri03:04
9.Kuarahy Osemba Rire03:25
Total playing time39:19


Album Name: Ãngy Mbya Kueíry Hachypáma, Opa Mba'e Achy Avei
Band: Corubo
Genre: Black Metal/Ambient
Year: 2009
Country: Brazil
Track Listing:

1.Oheja Ñandéve, Ñanderekópeguarã, Mba'e Ivaíva05:04
2.Ãngy Mbya Kueíry Hachypáma, Opa Mba'e Achy Avei05:54
3.Esperança Obscura05:02
4.Sapy'ánte Pyharevove04:07
5.Ñorairô Rekorekávo04:37
6.As Coisas Recomeçam Por Seu Fim04:24
7.Mombyryeterei Che Rendarãgui05:16
8.Yma Guaré Ñe'ê00:46
Total playing time35:10



There is also due to be a re-release (or new version?) of the Tremor/Corubo split entitled Ancestral Metal sometime this year, aswell as a re-master of Corubo's lastest release.

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