Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Encircling Sea - I & Écru

And what better place to start this blog then my neck of the woods. There's no place like home, I guess. And also, I might as well reference Australia now, as I'm unsure it will pop up again anytime soon here.

In their words:

Melbourne, Australia based Ambient Black Metal/Doom in the vein of Fauna, Altar of Plagues, Skagos, Corrupted, Wolves In The Throne Room etc... 

I definitely agree with the comparison to Fauna. Though Fauna pushes boundaries (time-wise) with both their single song albums over 1 hour in length, whereas Encircling Sea holds back at around 48 minutes and 37 minutes. Generally, I'm not entirely into songs of such length, though I still do have a certain appreciation for both these bands. Especially live. And that point is even more important to me, geographically speaking, given that I don't live in Cascadia with it's thriving nature-inspired (in a slightly different way to the Euro scene I feel) BM scene. Being able to BM shows and not be afraid it's a bunch of racist fucks is a relief. And ontop of that, a band that musically is inspired by Cascadian BM makes it all the better. BM by the punks, maybe.

To the point: pretty good BM, not entirely my style, but good, and rad live. Any fan of Fauna should definitely check this out. Though, apparently Encircling Sea is a Lord of the Rings reference, which would (though I'm unsure of their lyrical content) give me the impression that their ecological stance may (at least somewhat) differ from Cascadian BM bands (not that they have a doctrine, but radical environmentalism is a strong trend), such as Fauna.

Album Name: I
Band: Encircling Sea
Genre: Sludge/Doom/Black Metal/Post-Rock
Year: 2009
Country: Australia
Track Listing:

1. I


Album Name: Écru
Band: Encircling Sea
Genre: Experimental Sludge/Doom/Black Metal
Year: 2010
Country: Australia
Track Listing:

1. Écru


Though I'm totally into the freedom of sharing, buy it if you love it, and it's always good to support local independent artists.

I just noticed the artwork and artwork on the disc itself on Écru on another blog (LINK HERE). It's pretty amazing, and it may be unfair to make judgements of bands, such as this, purely on the references of their name (though I love LOTR).

Let's hope more stuff like this pops up in Australia in the future.

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  1. Their website is encirclingsea.wordpress.com

    Buy their stuff!



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