Tuesday, October 12, 2010

An Introduction...

So this is my humble blog. At this moment in it's infant stages, far from perfection. So please forgive me if it does not quite reach the mark of a good (metal/mp3) blog.

If you are here, I trust you must either like some variation of black metal, and/or have some appreciation of the natural world. And this blog searches for the conflation of those things.

This is primarily a black metal blog, musically speaking. However, as mentioned in the "ABOUT BLOG" section, I will present folk (metal) that is of a similar spirit, and perhaps other related music, but not limited to.

I should note that I do not share wholly original material here, and infact have many sources that I give my many thanks. There are countless blogs and other websites I have attained much wonderful information, and have no small piece in influencing the creation of this blog. Though numerous, the one blog at this time I feel most obliged to give thanks is the RABM (r-a-b-m.blogspot.com). I highly recommend it.

So without starting a diatribe, that's what this is about, and now I'm going to start this blog.

PS This blog will comprise of music I already know, and so in a way I may have vague ideas of mapping out what I present, but along side it I will endeavour to share any music I discover along the way. And please, by all means, share what you know, give me advice, and even just drop me a line.

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